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ELITECH Temperature Controller STC-100A

ELITECH Temperature Controller STC-100A
Manufacturer: ELITECH
Model: STC-100A
Price:  RM69.60
Availability: Pre-Order

Technical Parameters:

1. Power supply: 220VAC+10%/-15%, 50/60HZ
2. Temperature measuring range: -40~+99℃
3. Temperature controlling range: -40~+99℃
4. Resolution: 1
5. Accuracy: ±1℃±0.5digit
6. Compressor output contact capacity: 10A (0.5HP)/220VAC
7. Sensor type: NTC, 2M
8. Operating temperature: 0℃~+60℃
9. Storage temperature: -300℃~+75℃
10. Relative humidity: +20%~+85%(No condensate)
11. Shell: gray ABS flame retardant material
12. Safety level: IP54 (front panel)




1. Refrigerating, heating output mode optional
2. Return difference to control temperature
3. Temperature upper and lower limits setting, in order to avoid disoperation by non-professionals.
4. Compressor delay protection.

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