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KANG QI Oil Absorbent Cotton Roll KQ11-20

KANG QI Oil Absorbent Cotton Roll KQ11-20
Manufacturer: KANG QI
Model: KQ11-20
Price:  RM300.30
Availability: Pre-Order

Package : • 1 roll / bag

◎ 100% polypropylene (polypropylene) as a raw material made of ultrafine fiber absorbent material, can quickly absorb their own ten times the weight of the liquid 
◎ Super durability -8 layers of strong absorption type Polypropylene material by high heat compression it tear and friction, even after absorption of saturated slag will not 
be able to quickly absorb its own weight of 10 times the oil 
◎ Chemical-free, will not cause secondary pollution 
◎ only oil does not absorb water , The most effective removal of oil slick surface 
◎ weight to choose from - with light and heavy specifications to meet your purposes and budget 
◎ punch - easy to tear the required size to use, light weight, handling easy to handle, use Convenient 
◎ According to the absorption of liquid, can be effectively reused 

Applicable industries: 
◎ vehicles, ships, trains, subways and other transportation equipment manufacturing 
◎ steel, non-ferrous metal manufacturing 
◎ bearings, gear transmission equipment manufacturing 
◎ paint, ink, paint and similar Product Manufacturing 
◎ Petrochemical 
◎ machining, cutting 
◎ port, maritime, air transport

Size 1m x 20m

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