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ATLAS Copco Air filter for compressor 2914501800

ATLAS Copco Air filter for compressor 2914501800
Manufacturer: ATLAS
Model: 2914501800
Price:  RM71.50
Availability: Pre-Order

Atlas Copco Air Filter 2914501800

The air filter is an integral part for the compressor. It is needed to clean incoming air from mechanical impurities. It avoids the ingress of fine dust into the suction chamber of the screw block. Thus, the Atlas Copco air filter is the guarantor of uninterrupted operation of the compressor screw block. The quality and service life of the screw block, as well as the compressor as a whole, depend on the timely replacement of the air filter.

Atlas Copco 2914501800 filter benefits

  1. Dehumidification efficiency> 99.9% provides protection to the compressor element.
  2. Absolute impermeability provides excellent removal of dust particles, increasing the life of the oil filter, oil separator and oil.
  3. Minimal pressure loss ensures optimum compressor performance.
  4. High quality filter media and seals guarantee 100% air filtration.
  5. High moisture resistance provides a long service life even when working in the most difficult conditions.

Atlas Copco Air Filter 2914501800

Atlas Copco, a company with over two hundred years of history, enjoys well-deserved popularity in the compressor equipment market. This British company specializes in the production of compressors of various types, as well as accessories for them.

Today, the following types of compressors are available to customers of this company:

  • centrifugal compressors;
  • rotor screw;
  • mini-compressors;
  • piston;
  • rotary lamellar;
  • high pressure installations.

This compressor equipment is used in many industries, for example, metallurgical, during construction works, in mechanical engineering.
It should be noted that all of the above types of compressors are fully provided with both spare parts and consumables.
Clean air, without pollutants, is first and foremost a guarantee of the safety of your expensive equipment, as well as the quality of products. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the filter elements in accordance with the established rules and the technical documentation of your compressor




Height 573
Outer Diameter 198

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