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TONSON Carriage Pneumatic Mixer TU-M6

TONSON Carriage Pneumatic Mixer TU-M6
Manufacturer: TONSON
Model: TU-M6
Price:  RM13,090.00
Availability: Pre-Order
  • Motor type: Piston type
  • Maximum intake pressure (psi / bar): 87/6
  • Power: 746W
  • Applicable bucket volume (gallons per liter): 250/1000
  • Axial dimension (mm): Ф25
  • Blade size: 8 "x 1,10" x 1
  • Mixing rod length (mm): 880
  • Mixing rod material: 304 stainless steel
  • Width across the foot (mm): 640
  • Lifting height (mm): 1100

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