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SEMIKRON Standard Diode Power Modules SKKD701/16

SEMIKRON Standard Diode Power Modules SKKD701/16
Manufacturer: SEMIKRON
Model: SKKD701/16
Price:  RM680.00
Availability: In Stock
Product Information for Semikron SKKD701/16
Standard Diode Power Modules, SKK Series
Item# SKKD701/16 - PMOD,DUAL-DIODE,1600V,701A
SKK Series Information
  • Seven Standard SCR and Diode Circuits
  • Blocking Voltages to 1800 Volts
  • 1000 v/us dv/dt Available
  • 3000 Vrms Isolation
  • Industry Standard Packages

These SCR and diode modules come in industry standard packages offering seven different circuits. The modules can be used individually or as power control building blocks. Their high thermal efficiency assures long life and reliable performance. Seven different package sizes allow for a maximum output current of 1180 amps for standard diode modules and 360 amps for fast recovery versions. Blocking voltages are available as high as 2200 volts for standard diodes and 1700 volts for fast recovery modules.

  • Common Cathode and Common Anode configurations available


Specifications for Semikron SKKD701/16
Item Number:   SKKD701/16
Brand:   Semikron
Item Category:   Power Modules
Subcategory:   Standard Diode
Series:   SKK
  It (avg):   701 Amps
  Vrrm:   1,600 Volts
Diode Doubler

  Height (mm) Nominal:   52 MilliMeters
  Width (mm) Nominal:   60 MilliMeters
  Depth (mm) Nominal:   150 MilliMeters
  Aux. Cathode(s):   No
  Varistor:   No
  Free Wheeling Diode:   No
  Thermistor:   No
  Package Type:   SEMIPACK5
  Mounting Centers:   112 MilliMeters
  Approvals:   ULR
  Picture No.:   SEKG_PMOD_SEMIPACK5_A75B
  H x W x D (in.):   2.05 x 2.36 x 5.91
  Net Weight:   3 lb 1 oz
  Gross Weight:   3 lb 1 oz

It (A) 701
Vrrm (V) 1600

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