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ZHIMING BSMJ0.75-25-3 Self-healing Cylindrical Capacitor

ZHIMING BSMJ0.75-25-3 Self-healing Cylindrical Capacitor
Manufacturer: ZHIMING
Model: BSMJ0.75-25-3
Price:  RM230.00
Availability: In Stock
BSMJ series low voltage shunt capacitor of the self-healing type cylindrical capacitor is used for correcting the power factor of 50Hz and 60Hz low voltage power system device. It is suitable for compensation on the spot and concentrated auto compensation, reducing reactive loss and improving voltage quality. It is a energy conservation product. The product meets standards GB/T 12747, IEC831-1/2.
1. Use sealed cylinder aluminium tin.
2. Use microcrystalline wax and healthy dielectric oil as the impregnation.
3. It has built-in pressure separation device and discharge resistor.
4. Use dielectric metalized plypropylene film as medium.
5.The top of the capacitor is electric shock resistant protection connecting terminal.
6.The bottom is M12 or M16 earth ground screw.
7.All the three phase capacitor is triangle connection inside.
Technical data
1.Rated voltage: 0.23kV, 0.25kV, 0.4kV, 0.415kV, 0.45kV,  0.48kV, 0.525kV, and so on.
2.Rated output: 1-30kvar.
3.Capacitance tolerance: -5%-10%.
4.Tangent of the loss angle: smaller than 0.1%.
5.Between terminals withstand voltage: 2.15 times rated voltage for 5 seconds.
6.Dielectric level: add voltage between terminal and case: 2 times of rated voltage add 2KV or 3KV, choose the higher one, it takes 10s, no spark over or flash.
7.Max permissible over-voltage: when 1.1 times rated voltage, it cannot exceed 8 hours within 24 hours; when 1.15 times rated voltage, it cannot exceed 30 minutes within 24 hours; when 1.2 times voltage, it cannot exceed 5 minutes within 24 hours; 1.3 times rated voltage, it cannot exceed 1 minute within 24 hours.
8.Max permissible over-current: 1.3 times of rated current, but consider the voltage, capacitance tolerance and harmonic, the transient current cannot exceed 1.43 times of rated current.
9. Discharge feature: it has built-in discharge resistor, discharge 3 minutes, the voltage will down to below 50V after the capacitor cut off the power.
10. According to the GB/T12747-2004, IEC60831-2002 standard.


Rated Capacity (kvar) 25
Rated Voltage (kV) 0.75

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