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CHINT CJX1-75/22 110V AC Contactor

CHINT CJX1-75/22 110V AC Contactor
Manufacturer: CHINT
Model: CJX1-75/22 110V
Price:  RM235.00
Availability: In Stock
CHINT CJX1 series AC contactor is mainly used for AC 50Hz or 60Hz,  rated insulation voltage 660V-1000V. Under AC-3 usage catergory, the  rated working voltage of 380V is with a rated current  9A-820A. Mainly for long-distance making and breaking circuit and for controlling AC motor starting, stopping and reversing. 
Compliant with GB14048.4,  IEC60947-4-1, VDE0660.
Operation and installation condition
Ambient temperature : -5degC ~ +40degC (average temperatuire during 24 hours should not exceed +35degC )
Altitude ≤2000m
Relative humidity The maximum temperature of 40 degrees, relative humidity does not exceed 50%. A higher relative humidity is allowed at a lower temperature.
Pollution level : 3
Installation category : III
Impact and shake : the product should be used in the places where there are no obvious impact and shake

Structural features
The overall structure
The contactor is double-break contacts with direct action motion machine configuration , with three pairs of normally open main contact head, auxiliary contact head combinations shown in Table 5.
Contactor contact support member and the armature elastic lock coupling, eliminating the weak link. 
Flexible operation mechanism to facilitate the manual inspection. Compact structural design prevents external debris and dust fall into the moving parts. There are covers at connection parts, human hands are not in direct contact with live parts.
Compact contactor dimensions with small mounting area. Conductive rail mounting installation available, can also fix with screw.
Compared with other similar products, it offers higher operating frequency and control capacity. Safe product, good reliability, and an internationally advanced contacts for the various machines. 

Contact system 

Primary, secondary electrical contact materials is made up with the superior performance of silver alloy. It has a long life and good contact reliability. 
Magnetic Systems 
Electromagnetic system is reliable, low loss, low noise, high mechanical strength. Coil terminals are equipped with voltage specification marks card, nameplate voltage rating is coated with a color specific, clear and eye-catching, for easy wiring and avoiding picking the wrong voltage specification resulting in coil being burnt.

Installation position


Mounting dimensions

Ampere (A) 75
Coil Volts 110

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