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FX-USB-AW cable

FX-USB-AW  cable
Manufacturer: ALINKEY
Model: FX-USB-AW
Price:  RM147.00
Availability: In Stock
FX-USB-AW series for Mitsubishi FX3U series PLC programming cable
FX-USB-AW series is a USB interface Mitsubishi FX3U series PLC programming cable. USB / RS422 interface. Maximum communication distance up to 2 km. .
This series cable is a serial connection and RS422 signal conversion cable programming through the USB interface. With the driver, computer's USB interface simulates the  traditional serial port (commonly known as the COM port), enabling the use of various existing programming software, communication and monitoring applications software for PLC program uploading and downloading or monitor debugging and other operations.  With three communication indicator for transmission, receiving and power supply indication.
Wire material: full copper, environmentally friendly wire , OD  standards 5. 0MM
Connector Type: special custom high-quality fittings
Supported operating systems: Win8 / Win7 / Win2000 / WinXP
Supported programming software version: FXGP/WIN V1.O, GPP V4.O, GX Developer V7.O and above
Baud Rate: 300bps-1Mbps standard baud rate automatically adapt
Support long-distance communications: Maximum communication distance 2 km (at 9600bps)
Working temperature: -20degC ~ +75degC
Cable length: 3 m
Colour: Black
Long distance connection:
The maximum communication distance of the cable up to 2 kilometers (at 9600 bps), extend cables with shielded twisted pair cable of cross-sectional area above 0.22mm2. 
For distance over 2000 meters, RS422 repeaters can be installed to extend the communication distance .


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