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Flame Resistance Clear Cover Stainless Steel Latch + Screw Type

Flame Resistance Clear Cover Stainless Steel Latch + Screw Type
Manufacturer: TIBOX
Model: TJ-ATH-2020-S
Price:  RM93.10
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1.Product Name:Plastic enclosure-switch box 
3.Protection degree:IP66 
4.Temperature rang:-40 to +120 

Product Description

Plastic enclosure-switch box

The enclosure is about 25%the weight of a metal box and can be easily installed or moved.The products is free from corrosion,carries superior insulation. The enclosure are available for the installation of terminal substitution rail,buttonbox,small terminal,signal,relay and sensor, communication and joint box.It will not be damaged even using for a long time because stainless hinge and draw latch are equipped.It secures perfect airtightness by preventing sink down when opening or closing the sizes of hinge and draw by size increasing of the products.It can be used in inferior or dangerous industrial field byusing strong material and structure.

Temperature Range: -40 to+120

ABS:Acrulonitrile Butadiene Styrene     PC:Poly Carbonate




Plastic enclosure-big switch

The enclosure is according to EN60529 standard,free from corrosion,compressive property and installation, widely  used in electronics,communications,fire fighting apparatus,control panels, terminal boxes,public accommodation,ship industry,food industry,food industry etc.

Temperature Range: -40 to+120

ABS:Acrulonitrile Butadiene Styrene     PC:Poly Carbonate



Plastic enclosure-switch box





Dimensions(MM) W*H*D 200 * 200 * 95

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