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DWYER TE2000 Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauges -30-30Pa

DWYER TE2000 Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauges -30-30Pa
Manufacturer: DWYER
Model: TE2000
Price:  RM258.00
Availability: Pre-Order

TE2000 Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauges

[Size]: 120.65 * 55.6mm

[Weight]: 0.54kg / piece

Note: Only for air or other compatible gases

This section is the most commonly used range range table for engineering

Differential pressure gauges are widely used to measure fan and blower pressure, filter resistance, wind speed,
furnace pressure, orifice differential pressure, bubble water level, and pressure of liquid amplifiers or hydraulic
systems. They are also used for air-gas ratios during combustion Control and automatic valve control, as well 
as blood pressure and respiratory pressure monitoring in healthcare equipment.

Applicable industries:

Medical and health, microelectronics, aerospace, environmental protection engineering, biological engineering,
pharmaceuticals, building intelligence, HVAC, food and beverage, precision electronic processing, etc.


· Practical patented product

· OEM manufacturer

- Magnetic spiral vortex rod mechanism fundamentally eliminates friction caused by gear transmission.

- The meter does not need to be filled with liquid.

 - Inertial, drift-free pointer movement.

 - There is essentially no lag.

 - Excellent anti-vibration and anti-jitter performance.

- Can measure positive pressure, negative pressure or differential pressure.

- 81 kinds of measuring ranges, minimum 0-30Pa , maximum 0-80KPa.

- 2 sets of pressure connections (side back) + 3 installation methods = free and flexible application.

Technical indicators:

- Ambient temperature: -70 ~ 60 

- Rated pressure: -68 ~ 103KPa

- Overpressure: The rubber overpressure plug is punched open at about 172KPa.

-  Process connection: high pressure and low pressure holes are 1/8 ″ spinal canal thread, two groups
(one each for side and back)

- Shell material: die-cast aluminum, main body and aluminum chrome parts have passed the 168-hour salt
bath test.

- Accuracy: ± 2% FS at 21 ° C (-125PA; 2% for 250PA, -60PA, 2%)

- Standard accessories: 2 1 / 8NPT plugs, 2 1/8 ″ threaded rubber pipe joints, and 3 recessed mounting screw
cards with screws (also MP and HP options table, fixed with mounting rings and snap rings Device to replace 
the above 3 screws)



Measure Pressure
Rated Pressure (Pa) -30-30Pa

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