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LEIERDA Axial Belt Side Pressure Gauge 0.25MPA

LEIERDA Axial Belt Side Pressure Gauge 0.25MPA
Manufacturer: LEIERDA
Model: Y-60ZT
Price:  RM45.00
Availability: Pre-Order

Specification Model: Y-60ZT Axial Belt Side Pressure Gauge

Dial diameter: Ф60mm

Connector size: M14X1.5

Measuring range: 0-1.6 MPA 

Installation form: axial

Accuracy level: 2.5

Material: outer shell iron, movement copper, joint copper

Color: body silver white, joint metal color

Environmental conditions: -40 to 70 ° C, relative humidity is not more than 85%

Temperature effect: When the operating temperature deviates from 20±5°C, it is not more than 0.4%/10°C

Measure Pressure
Rated Pressure (MPa) 0.25

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