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RUIWAN Odor Integrated Odor Integrated Smoke Purifier RW7500

RUIWAN Odor Integrated Odor Integrated Smoke Purifier RW7500
Manufacturer: RUIWAN
Model: RW7500
Price:  RM13,320.00
Availability: Pre-Order


1. The appearance of rigid and rigid, all-metal frame structure can resist strong impact and vibration;
    the fuselage is lightweight and easy to move.
2. Simple and convenient installation without another takeover, conducive to the cleanliness and 
    aesthetics of the work space.
3. Multiple filtration design ensures that harmful substances in smoke are filtered out to protect human 
    safety. The initial effect, both medium efficiency and the main filter core can be replaced separately,
    extending the service life of the main filter.
4. Built-in air circulation filtration method, to avoid the indoor air conditioning heating into the outdoor,
    the true meaning to meet environmental standards.
5. High-power DC brushless motor, ultra-low noise operation, long working life, eddy current type rear
    metal wind wheel design, high air volume inhalation force large safe and reliable.
6. Variable single/double station design, air volume can be step less adjustment, smoking tube can be 
    randomly changed, positioning.

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