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RUIWAN Smoke Purifier for Soldering TR1080

RUIWAN Smoke Purifier for Soldering TR1080
Manufacturer: RUIWAN
Model: TR1080
Price:  RM2,924.00
Availability: Pre-Order

Product Features:
1. Filter Failure alarm.
2. Multi-layer filtration, rapid purification.
3. Smoke removal, deodorization, and dust removal ,except PM25.
4. Noise-cancelling structure design, so that the working environment is more peaceful and pleasant.
5 .Back shutter outlet.
6. Host three year warranty.
7 .Wind wheel design, high air volume, large suction force, safe and reliable.
8. Variable single/double station design, air volume can be step less adjustment, smoking tube can be randomly changed, positioning.

Product parameter

Model         : TR1080
Voltage(V)  :  220
Power (W)  :  80
Flow (m³/h) : 110
Size (mm)   : 300*270*300


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