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VITALTECH Fluoropolymer Heaters For Chemical Heating YQ031018004

VITALTECH Fluoropolymer Heaters For Chemical Heating YQ031018004
Manufacturer: VITALTECH
Model: YQ031018004
Price:  RM598.00
Availability: Pre-Order



Fluoropolymer Heaters 
2.Energy-saving, strong anti-corrosion 
3.Factory prices 
4.Custom-made available


For some regular specification, please see below:




Heating area(MM)

Vertical height(MM)

3KW 220/380 300*300*60

According to clients' needs 

4KW 220/380 400*400*60
5KW 220/380 500*500*60


1. Selecting high-quality stainless steel (sus316 or sus304) tube as heaters core and Teflon (PTFE tube) as outside cover. It could be used in any solution.


2. Low surface watt design (1.5w/cm2) to make sure a long lifetime.


3. Fluoropolymer heaters installation location should pay attention to prevent deposition on its surface or solution too tight. Sometimes Teflon tubes (PTFE) burnt out causing cold zone is too short (less than 150mm).


4. Fluoropolymer heaters volume size is not allowed to be changed into small and small surface area, or it could make the heaters surface power oversize and short the lifetime.


5. All fluoropolymer heaters can be ancillary used with temperature sensor (PT100) to make sure a long term lifetime and keep the equipment safety.


6. Fluoropolymer tubes got excellent corrosion-resistant, so its widely used in oxidation of three polishing, chemical gold plating, chemical silver plating, chemical nickel plating and varieties of high demand solution.


7. Fluoropolymer heaters could be designed as Vertical- shaped, Spiral-shaped, L-shaped, U-shaped, W-shaped, Coil-shaped, SPD combination-shaped and so on.


8. All our Fluoropolymer heaters are through the CE Certification of EU Market and ISO9001:2008 quality test


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